A Bold Yet Easy Look

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Hey loves! I bet you had a spectacular weekend. Mine was dazzling!

Mere words cannot express my love for fashion sales. I’ll clarify the kind of sales that I’m referring to. When an item goes on sale it’s nice and all, but when the sale item goes on sale and then goes on sale again…. well, that’s the love I’m talking about! Especially when they still have my size available. So here’s my cute black leather shorts that I scored sometime last year when the sale went on sale and then on sale again. Now, B’ be smiling rocking them shorts icon smile A Bold Yet Easy Look Yep!!! Black, Leather, pretty equals dangerous. I love it!

There are a few so-called fashion rules that I’d like to officially retire. They include: you can’t wear brown with black (false), and that you simply musn’t wear socks with heels (false again).

What a perfect way to usher in spring: no need for totally bare legs just yet, just wear socks. This is a serious street style trend I’m starting to love. The key to wearing socks with heels is choosing super thin socks (no athletic socks allowed), and mixing and matching unexpected colors. I prefer closed-toe pumps. This often considered nerdy duo is utterly chic, and I’m here to prove it! This choice is one that sartorially conjures a playful, innocent schoolgirl look—but without the cheesiness and somewhat creepy infantilism. It’s a grownup and sexy version of a look most women recall rocking from the time they were very small: a white sock with a single-buckle slip-on shoe.

I am so pleasantly recalling this as my favorite things to wear as a little girl. I had a pair of white short socks to go with tiny sandals and a pair of blue knee-high ones. My fashion sense must have dated from back then (joking!). And just a few years ago girls and women alike started wearing them again with heels or boots, so although it’s been around for a while (or better said it never left) this trend is yet again making quite a statement. Could we hold… say… the Gossip Girls or Dolce and Gabbana responsible for this new fad ??

This trend is coming back with a bang. Some of the most stylish ladies we know regularly rock this look and it’s really not as unachievable as it might seem. These comfy sexy, fun, playful feet cover-ups offer infinite styling options, millions of choices, designs, lengths, textures, colors, prints, styles… OMG just thinking of it makes me wanna try this trend over and over again. Polka dots, stripes, suspender, mock socks, sheer, black, striped, white, lace, lingerie-like, knitted, short, girly, hot, sexy, nerdy, knee-high, over-the-knee… Millions I tell you! And yes they do look fantastic with heel shoes (chunky thick ones, stilettos, court shoes, sandals, peep toe, pumps) and boots. Short simple or coloured socks (textured, printed or basic) look very sexy with stilettos and court shoes – a bit like business woman meets school girl and what you get is a fun quirky style that looks amazing. You can wear them with short, knee-length or maxi skirts, dresses, knits, jeans – depending on the style and look you’re going for. Naughty, nerdy or fun.

You have to believe me, you have listened to me in the past before, right ?? This look may seem a bit strange to the traditional chic fashionista, it may seem even cheesy to you. But watch closely, this is the look of the future. Fashion´s Future, remember you heard it here first. What can I say, the crazy in me loves it. Simple, comfortable and chic at the same time.

For a more daring and alternative take on the trend that switches, wear a dark sock with a bright shoe. This choice especially stands out when paired with a lighter-colored dress on top. It’s certainly not a combo for the faint of heart; it takes a certain kind of gusto and quirkiness to pull it off. If you’re the type who wears patent black pumps every day, then this is probably not the look for you. But if you’re feeling adventurous and particularly style-minded, read on to see…

For my appearance here, I swapped out my winter look in favor of a chic but simple White Tshirt ensemble that featured black delicate lace sleeves, with Black Leather Shorts, a surprising touch of colour in the form of Coral Pumps and Black Knee High Socks adding to the seemingly simple outfit instantly luminous, this is the magic of socks! Supplied a perfect mix of effortless and impeccably styled inspiration. There’s something about knee high socks that’s just a little bit flirty and fun, but add some straight forward high-power pumps and the look takes an elegant turn with a hint of sexiness.

I cant live without my heels! I just can’t concentrate in flats… perhaps it’s not the shoe, but a state of mind!? It is that saying afterall – Give a girl the right shoes (heels. duh.) and she’ll conquer the world. These days I’m more about basics, and love the stiletto heel on anything. Although my 2 shoe crushes are: the classic pumps and the pointy stiletto booties. Once summer comes I’ll probably be hooked on single strap stiletto sandals.

To stay warm on those windy freezing winter days get your long socks out girls and pull them over your knees. For a boho-chic, comfy, sexy, but urban look opt for knitted ones in grey, black, nudes, or browns. They go with anything and compliment every single outfit: shorts and silky tops or slouchy sweaters, skirts and sophisticated blouses or cardigans worn with a belt, knitted dresses or long sweaters. For more of a party look, you can opt for black over-the-knee socks (my black obsession kicks in) or embellished ones with a black dress (large, slouchy princess like one for a girly boho chic look, or tight one with long sleeves for a sleek style). Add a blazer or fur vest on top and you’ll be mixing comfy with chic and sophisticated. So yes… I am in love with this trend perhaps a little too much, but it can do no harm especially on this cold weather. It’s literally out with the socks this season!

Will you try this trend ?? Long, short, colored or basic socks with heels, pumps, sandals or boots ?? Which one’s your style ??

Have the best and most stylish week ever! XO. Blessing

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